24 June, Thursday, 2021


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Working groups


Web Page

Manages the website and creates new ways of communication between members and between the association and internet users.

Person in charge: Sergi Valera


Information about academic and professional activities and about links with other associations

Keeps the members informed about events related to Environmental Psychology, both at national and international levels. It also seeks the internationalization of the association.

Person in charge: Ana Loureiro.


Events and scientific and professional meetings of the association

Organizes scientific meetings (workshops) and studies the feasibility of a summer school in 2015.

Person in charge: M. Carmen Aguilar Luzón.



Carries out studies and reports that are of interest to the association. Presently a first study on the presence of Environmental Psychology at the University is being conducted.

Person in charge: Karmele Herranz.



Person in charge: Susana Batel.


Psicamb Network

Person in charge: Baltasar Fernández.


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XVI congreso de Psicologia Ambiental PSICAMB 2022