In 1986 the first Environmental Psychology meeting in Spain was held in Madrid. This meeting was attended by several hundred psychologists and other researchers, both Spanish and Portuguese sharing the interest this field of study. This moment can be considered as the starting point of what, over the years, will be PSICAMB. However, this beginning has some precedents and certainly one of them was the VIIth IAPS Conference in Barcelona in 1982 where the few existing environmental psychologists by then came into contact with international researchers concerned about the multiple interactions person-environment.

Throughout this period 15 biannual conferences have been held, first at a Spanish level and then at a Spanish and Portuguese level in universities that hosted environmental psychologists. Between these meetings, several workshops took place in which the different lines of research were discussed, while the groups working in environmental psychology were strengthening ties. In this context, it was created, in 2000, the scientific journal "
Medio Ambiente y Comportamiento Humano". The journal grew reaching what it is today: a bilingual, Spanish-English, international journal, under the name of "Psyecology".

Over time, this informal group, but strongly cohesive, has grown to the point of generating the need to create an association that would gather their research and teaching interests in Environmental Psychology. Therefore, PSICAMB was born in 2008, which aims to encourage the development of Environmental Psychology in the research and teaching fields, and in transfer the knowledge of this discipline to society.

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